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Ben 10 in Plumber Suit

ben 10 in plumber suit

Ben 10 figures has brought a new addition to the Ultimate Alien toys – Ben 10 in his plumber suit. If Ben and his team are investigating a new mission in an environment with any oxygen available, it’s essential that Ben gears up in his plumber outfit. Ben 10 in his plumber suit has featured in many episodes and shows Ben’s human side that we can all relate to, where he’s idealised as an action hero but fundamentally he still needs protection himself. Ben bares the Ultimatrix on the outside of his suit through his glove which gives him fast
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Ben 10 Ultimized figures

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimized Water Hazard

Ben 10 Ultimized figures are the latest brand new collection for 2011 that have been launched in line with the new Revolution Ultimatrix. Most of the Ultimized Ben 10 figures have a sleek new look or have been given a new function to make them rare and highly collectable. Each figure pack contains the Ben 10 mini figure which is what is needed for the brand new Revolution Ultimatrix. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Water Hazard Ultimized – Ultimized Water Hazard has a slick new detailed look and includes Water Hazard minifigure. View Details Ben 10 Ultimate Echo Echo Ultimized –
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Ben 10 Ultimate Kevin Levin

Ultimate Kevin Levin

In the gripping finale when Aggregor headed for the Forge of Creation, to take the ultimate prize, with Ben and younger Ben unable to stop him, Kevin Levin used his osmosian abilities and absorbed Ben’s Ultimatrix to unlock all of his prized aliens. By doing this Kevin became strong and powerful enough to defeat Aggregor – but at a high price. Kevin became Ultimate Kevin and his old desires for power that he once had, whilst an enemy of Ben in the earlier days, returned. He stripped Aggregor of the abilities he stole and considered taking the prize that Aggregor
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