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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Big Chill

Ultimate Big Chill

Big Chill is a popular character that featured regularly in the Ben 10 Alien Force episodes.  As the name suggests, his attributes include the ability to freeze enemies with his breath stopping them in their tracks.  He features wings that enable him to rapidly move but also he possesses ghost like powers so he can move and fly through walls. Ultimate version of Ben 10 figures Big Chill When it is time for Ben to up his game, he can transform Big Chill into Ultimate Big Chill.  His ultimate presence almost doubles his strength and can breath fire that is so powerful it
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Humungousaur

Ultimate Humungousaur

When the duty calls, Ben Tennyson’s preferred alien has to be Humungousaur. His large dinosaur like appearance has an expected tough and strong character that will beat up any threatening enemy. Going Ultimate When Ben needs that extra power and grit, he can transform from Humungousaur into Ultimate Humungousaur. His appearance changes from a lighter brown colour into a dark green and has numerous striking spikes appear from his face, on his back to form an impenetrable shell, to the end of his tail that bears a spiked ball resemblance. Ultimate Humungousaur can also change his fist into a deadly
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Ben 10 Ultimatrix

cheap ultimatrix

The Ben 10 Ultrimatrix is the must accessory for any Ben 10 fan.  The Ultimatrix is how Ben 10 is able to morph into several awesome aliens by turning the centre dial.  The dial displays the alien of choice which Ben hits his palm on to go into ‘hero time’. The Ultimatrix replaced the Omnitrix which Ben self-destructed in the gritty final battle with Vilgax to prevent him taking over the Universe.  It doesn’t resemble the old Omnitrix in the sense that it’s appearance was more so a wrist watch, it is more of a lower arm piece that looks cooler and in fact actually
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