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Ben 10 Ultimized figures

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimized Water Hazard

Ben 10 Ultimized figures are the latest brand new collection for 2011 that have been launched in line with the new Revolution Ultimatrix. Most of the Ultimized Ben 10 figures have a sleek new look or have been given a new function to make them rare and highly collectable. Each figure pack contains the Ben 10 mini figure which is what is needed for the brand new Revolution Ultimatrix. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Water Hazard Ultimized – Ultimized Water Hazard has a slick new detailed look and includes Water Hazard minifigure. View Details Ben 10 Ultimate Echo Echo Ultimized –
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Revolution Ultimatrix

Ben 10 Ultrimatrix Revolution

The brand new Ben 10 Ultimatrix toy for 2011 is called the Revolution Ultimatrix. The Revolution Ultimatrix has been launched in line with the brand new Ben 10 Ultimized figures that have a new cool design and look for the figure and also the pack includes a single coloured mini figure version which is used with the Revolution Ultimatrix. Ben 10 Revolution Ultimatrix Ben 10 Revolution Ultimatrix works by attaching the Ben 10 mini figure to the centre area of Ultrimatrix. This is then twisted and the wind up mechanism launches the attached Ben 10 minifigure spinning into battle, with
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