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Brand new Ben 10 Figures for Omniverse Series Now Available!

Ben 10 Figures now has available the brand new collection of Ben 10 Omniverse figures available including Bloxx, Feedback, Shocksquatch, Gravattack and many more, all available from the store.

Ben 10 Figures Ultimate Alien features the powerful Ultimatrix. This new device allows is able to advance his alien forms to evolve into more powerful versions of themselves - the Ultimate Aliens. There are now a lot more new Ben 10 figures available to collect that are must have action figures for every Ben 10 Ultimate Alien fan.

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Ben 10 Ultimate Four Arms

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Four Arms

Ben 10 Figures Four Arms is the muscles of all the Ben 10 aliens. He’s twice the height of the average human, standing at 12ft, and has a very strong muscular physique. If two strong arms weren’t enough, Four Arms has double the muscle, with you’ve guessed it, 4 arms. His skin is red and very durable during any fight that he comes into. He has a line of black over the top of his head that stops at his four small green eyes, and continued on his chin. In the earlier Ben 10 days, Four Arms worn a white
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Ben 10 Ultimized figures

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimized Water Hazard

Ben 10 Ultimized figures are the latest brand new collection for 2011 that have been launched in line with the new Revolution Ultimatrix. Most of the Ultimized Ben 10 figures have a sleek new look or have been given a new function to make them rare and highly collectable. Each figure pack contains the Ben 10 mini figure which is what is needed for the brand new Revolution Ultimatrix. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Water Hazard Ultimized – Ultimized Water Hazard has a slick new detailed look and includes Water Hazard minifigure. View Details Ben 10 Ultimate Echo Echo Ultimized –
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Wildmutt

Ultimate wildmutt

Ultimate Wildmutt is the Ultimate version of Wildmutt, more familiar from the Ben 10 Alien Force series. He is much larger and more powerful than his predecessor, and has turned into a darker red colour. He has a spiked mohawk down his back, spikes on his shoulders, the end of his tail, has a larger chin and bigger teeth. Ultimate Wildmutt has advanced and he is now able to talk as a result of his evolution. Being larger and more muscular, Ultimate Wildmutt has advanced but he is still featured without any eyes to be able to see, but with
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Ben 10 Zombozo

Ben 10 Zombozo

Ben 10 Figures Zombozo is a nasty and troublesome clown who conjured many evil plans against Ben 10. He was a difficult villain to beat because Ben is scared of clowns making him an ideal bad guy. It is noted that he shares similarities with the Joker from Batman and it presumed to be human, albeit part zombie, with a very dark sense of humour. He never or rarely attacks alone and usually forms a team of bad guys to do his dirty work for him. Zombozo’s first evil plan came to light when he built a machine to drain
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Humungousaur

Ultimate Humungousaur

When the duty calls, Ben Tennyson’s preferred alien has to be Humungousaur. His large dinosaur like appearance has an expected tough and strong character that will beat up any threatening enemy. Going Ultimate When Ben needs that extra power and grit, he can transform from Humungousaur into Ultimate Humungousaur. His appearance changes from a lighter brown colour into a dark green and has numerous striking spikes appear from his face, on his back to form an impenetrable shell, to the end of his tail that bears a spiked ball resemblance. Ultimate Humungousaur can also change his fist into a deadly
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Revolution Ultimatrix

Ben 10 Ultrimatrix Revolution

The brand new Ben 10 Ultimatrix toy for 2011 is called the Revolution Ultimatrix. The Revolution Ultimatrix has been launched in line with the brand new Ben 10 Ultimized figures that have a new cool design and look for the figure and also the pack includes a single coloured mini figure version which is used with the Revolution Ultimatrix. Ben 10 Revolution Ultimatrix Ben 10 Revolution Ultimatrix works by attaching the Ben 10 mini figure to the centre area of Ultrimatrix. This is then twisted and the wind up mechanism launches the attached Ben 10 minifigure spinning into battle, with
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Big Chill

Ultimate Big Chill

Big Chill is a popular character that featured regularly in the Ben 10 Alien Force episodes.  As the name suggests, his attributes include the ability to freeze enemies with his breath stopping them in their tracks.  He features wings that enable him to rapidly move but also he possesses ghost like powers so he can move and fly through walls. Ultimate version of Ben 10 figures Big Chill When it is time for Ben to up his game, he can transform Big Chill into Ultimate Big Chill.  His ultimate presence almost doubles his strength and can breath fire that is so powerful it
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Spidermonkey

Ben 10 Ultimate spidermonkey

Ben 10 Figures for Ultimate Spider Monkey is the advanced version of Spidermonkey that has an incredibly agility to swing, stick to walls and climb. He resembles a gorilla creature with large spider leg extensions and is overall much stronger. He is still able to fire web but rather than coming from his tail, he actually shoots it out of his mouth – his jaw is able to split into two halves, a visible gap can be seen from his bottom lip to his chin, and then he unleashes his spider-web attack. Ultimate Spider monkey has evolved from his previous
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Cannon Bolt

Ben 10 Ultimate Cannonbolt

Ben 10 Ultimate Cannon Bolt Cannonbolt Ben 10 Figure has a chunky physical presence and can roll himself into a ball and blast through the many enemies that Ben 10 faces.  He can move at a very fast speed bowling over whatever comes into his path and can also bounce off of his surrounding environment, like a ping pong ball in an arcade machine, which he can use to distract and defeat his foes. When Ben 10 broke the Omnitrix that featured the original white and orange Cannon Bolt alien, his new Ultimatrix included an upgraded version, to become Ultimate Cannon Bolt. New and
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Ben 10 Eatle

Ben 10 Eatle

Ben 10 Figure Eatle bears a light and dark blue appearance. His species is described as a humanoid beetle, featuring a long fin horn at the top of his head and a shorter version on his back. Eatle’s powers include the ability to eat through any material using his large scaled jaws, which he then transfers into energy which he can fire a green beam out of the front green stripe on his fin. The energy is very powerful and used accordingly in the final battle of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien against Vilgax. His fin can also be used as
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