Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Spidermonkey

Ben 10 Ultimate spidermonkey

Ben 10 Figures for Ultimate Spider Monkey is the advanced version of Spidermonkey that has an incredibly agility to swing, stick to walls and climb. He resembles a gorilla creature with large spider leg extensions and is overall much stronger. He is still able to fire web but rather than coming from his tail, he actually shoots it out of his mouth – his jaw is able to split into two halves, a visible gap can be seen from his bottom lip to his chin, and then he unleashes his spider-web attack.

Ultimate Spider monkey has evolved from his previous smaller monkey stature to a much larger figure, dominating with larger stronger forearms and long and powerful spider legs. He still has six eyes, keeping up with his spider appearance, with deep purple skin, black fur, and a much deeper bolder voice. His super strength and super agility brings home the meaning of his ultimate form.

Ben 10 Ultimate Spidermonkey Figure

The Ultimate Spidermonkey figure is quite large compared to other Ben 10 Ultimate figures, the presence is dominated by his large spider legs which act as a support frame to sit him up on. They do sometimes pop out of their socket during tough play battles but easily push back in. Ultimate Spidermonkey’s forearms are easy to maneuver into any fighting stance and a good all round fighting alien figure.

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Ben 10 Ultimate spidermonkey

Ben 10 Ultimate Spidermonkey back

Ben 10 Ultimate Spidermonkey side

Ben 10 Ultimate Spidermonkey

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