Ben 10 Ultimate Kevin Levin

Ultimate Kevin Levin

In the gripping finale when Aggregor headed for the Forge of Creation, to take the ultimate prize, with Ben and younger Ben unable to stop him, Kevin Levin used his osmosian abilities and absorbed Ben’s Ultimatrix to unlock all of his prized aliens. By doing this Kevin became strong and powerful enough to defeat Aggregor – but at a high price. Kevin became Ultimate Kevin and his old desires for power that he once had, whilst an enemy of Ben in the earlier days, returned. He stripped Aggregor of the abilities he stole and considered taking the prize that Aggregor was after. However, a glimmer of hope was seen and Kevin changed his mind and adhered to young Ben’s criticism before fleeing. It was clear that now looking like a combination of aliens, Kevin couldn’t bare Gwen seeing him the way he was – a monster.

Ultimate Kevin’s appearance of combined aliens includes Jetray’s face, Ultimate Swampfire’s arm, Lodestar’s shoulder, Rath’s claw, Diamond Head’s arm, Chromostone’s shoulder, Big Chill and Rath’s feet, Humungousaur’s tail and torso.

Ultimate Kevin Levin Ben 10 figures

Ultimate Kevin is fantastic to play with and also a trophy for any knowledgeable Ben 10 fan, to name the visual parts that Kevin bares to impress every one. His head, arms, legs and tail all move freely and has a strong and eye catching presence.

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