Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Humungousaur

Ultimate Humungousaur

When the duty calls, Ben Tennyson’s preferred alien has to be Humungousaur. His large dinosaur like appearance has an expected tough and strong character that will beat up any threatening enemy.

Going Ultimate

When Ben needs that extra power and grit, he can transform from Humungousaur into Ultimate Humungousaur. His appearance changes from a lighter brown colour into a dark green and has numerous striking spikes appear from his face, on his back to form an impenetrable shell, to the end of his tail that bears a spiked ball resemblance. Ultimate Humungousaur can also change his fist into a deadly fire powered weapon that can rapidly shoot out four simultaneous missiles and destroy any enemy in his sight.

His ultimate form must be one of his most powerful aliens that Ben can all upon to help out in a tricky situation or to the aid of his cousin Gwen and Kevin.

Ultimate Humgumasaur Ben 10 Figures

These Ben 10 Figures is a must have for every Ben 10 fan, Humgumasaur is essential in any battle and a favourite to play with. Ultimate Humungousaur has free movement on his head, arms, legs and his tail. There are a few different versions available of the alien, ranging from the standard movement format, to an upgraded version that can move his arms and use his fists to beat down on any enemy or a large version that can fire a missile from his arm. Which ever version you choose, it is bound to be a massive hit, much like Ultimate Humungousaur himself.

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Ben 10 Ultimate Humungousaur

Ben 10 Ultimate Humungousaur side

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Humungousaurs

Ben 10 Ultimate Humungousaur

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