Ben 10 Ultimate Four Arms

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Four Arms

Ben 10 Figures Four Arms is the muscles of all the Ben 10 aliens. He’s twice the height of the average human, standing at 12ft, and has a very strong muscular physique. If two strong arms weren’t enough, Four Arms has double the muscle, with you’ve guessed it, 4 arms. His skin is red and very durable during any fight that he comes into. He has a line of black over the top of his head that stops at his four small green eyes, and continued on his chin. In the earlier Ben 10 days, Four Arms worn a white muscle bulging t-shirt with the Omnitrix symbol on his upper left shoulder and a black pair of shorts. However later on into Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, his outfit was upgraded to gold bands on his wrists and ankles with also gold straps across his chest, centred by the Ultimatrix logo. Four Arms has distinct pincer crap like toes on his feet that are super strong to support his frame and any weight that he’s either lifting or throwing.

Powerhouse Four Arms is a fantastic fighter, lifter and someone who you wouldn’t want to bump into in a tug of war contest. He can use his four arms to produce an almighty clap to send a massive shockwave at his enemies. Whilst he seems to be an excellent alien of choice in any battle, his anaerobic physique means that he’s not the quickest and is disadantaged when it comes to fitting into small spaces.

Ben 10 Four Arms

Four Arms figure has to be the alien of choice of any fight, who wouldn’t pick him in a hand to hand combat when he can exercise double the punches. His colour and attractive abilities make him a great choice for young Ben 10 fans to pick and due to his long serving history with Ben 10, he has to be in every collection. Every young fan, especially boys, want to aspire to being strong, muscular and not easily bullied around. With double the moveable arms, moveable legs and rotatable head, Ben 10 figure Four Arms is one that we’d highly recommend.

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