Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Armodrillo

ben 10 armodrillo

Armodrillo’s yellow hybrid animal robot appearance may look artificial but it is natural to his home species. His wide and powerful upper torso is home to his jackhammer arms that give him an incredible digging ability and super strength. He may be smaller than Humungousaur, but it is revealed that he is in fact much stronger. Armodrillo alien can use his powers to create huge vibrations after placing his claw like hands on any thing he chooses and then he pumps his jackhammer pieces on his elbows. He can create earthquakes, to rip cracks in his enemies’ paths to trap them in the ravine.

Thinking that he needed strength and armour, Ben Tennyson morphed into Armodrillo in the Ultimate Alien series to fight Ultimate Kevin Levin who became out of control and a grudge bearer.

Armadrillo Ben 10 Figures

With super strength and massive arms for battling, Ben 10 Armodrillo needs to be on call for every Ben 10 battle. The figure has free movement in the legs, arms and tail and is without question a must have collectors item.

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