Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Vilgax


Vilgax is bad news for Ben 10. He’s a ruthless alien warlord figure who has been Ben 10’s longest running arch-enemy. He is more powerful than most of Ben’s aliens except Way Big.

Vilgax’s ambition has always to get control of the Omnitrix to take over the Universe and he doesn’t care who gets in his way. During the Alien Force series, Vilgax fought against Ben whilst he was Chromastone and it was one battle that Ben nearly lost. Vilgax’s force smashed him to pieces – as he was about to take his prize, the powerful Omnitrix, it reformatted Chromastrone’s remnants into Diamondhead, bringing Ben back to life.

Diamondhead proved strong enough to fight Vilgax and win the battle. He begrudgingly accepted his defeat and as per the laws, left Earth. However, before he left, he told Ben that he’d have his vengeance. It was at this point that Vilgax was bound to return back to fight Ben another day and has cropped up many times in further Ben 10 episodes.

Vilgax’s Strengths

Vilgax doesn’t have any special abilities but he is excellent in hand to hand combat. He does possess superhuman strength and is later featured with cybernetic enhancements, making him taller and stronger, quicker and stronger.

Ben 10 Figures Vilgax

Hyperalien Vilgax has incredibly detailed flesh and armour, moveable legs and arms, and is much better in comparison to the other regular Ben 10 figures. Sporting a sword and specially equipped fighting glove, he is one enemy that has to be the centre of every Ben 10 figure collection.

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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Ultimate Vilgax

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