Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Swampfire

Ben 10 Ultimate Swampfire

Ben 10 Ultimate Swamp fire is the Ben 10 Figures ultimate version of Swampfire, more familiar to Ben 10 fans in the early younger series of Ben 10 but more-so in Alien Force. Ultimate Swampfire has an almost tree-like appearance, resembling a dark brown wooden structure, whereas his normal appearance was a dark green plant-like creature. Ultimate Swampfire’s face, head and upper back area is a crisp blue fire colour and he also features the same colours as capsule pods on his forearms. Specifically his body comprises now of petrified wood which is much tougher and hard as a rock.

Ultimate Swampfire’s abilities have significantly increased. His fire is three times hotter and he can now shoot out huge blue fire blasts by hitting his hands together when combating enemies. He’s aided with super strength and still has the same plant abilities but with the added option to generate a vine from his wooden bodied frame to touch the Ultimatrix symbol when needed. He can easily swim through water or any swamp and it is learned that he can also emit a powerful shock wave of blue fire and a blue tornado fire to knock out any rouge aliens he comes into combat with. Ultimate Swampfire also possesses the ability to throw down vine seeds, similar to the former alien Wildvine, that instantly grow and grasp any enemy in their tracks.

It’s thought that we have barely seen the abilities that Ultimate Swampfire can perform with lots more to come in the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien series which every fan is excited to learn about.

Ben 10 Ultimate Swampfire Figure

Looking closely at the Ultimate Swampfire figure, he’s intricate detailing is excellent and reflects his wooden character very well. The eye piercing blue is a great colour and makes him a must have collectable. Ultimate Swampfire’s arms and legs articulate very well and he’s an overall well build figure, tough to break in the fiercest home battles.

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