Ben 10 Ultimate Alien NRG (energy)

Ben 10 NRG

Ben 10’s NRG alien is a humanoid and made up of pure radioactive energy that glows red. It has to be contained in a thick and heavy containment hazard suit due to the long term risks that he imposes on the natural environment should the radioactive energy be exposed. Given it’s nature, the suit is incredibly durable and almost impenetrable or damageable – just one rare element has been sought that can cut through the suit and that was Taedenite.

NRG is one of the Andromeda Galaxy aliens and represents the power of fire. His radioactive energy source can produce an intense heat, causing him to glow through his suit, melting any metallic or rock element that comes in contact. Ben 10 NRG is also able to fire a radioactive energy beam through the grill vent on his suit’s helmet casing to release a huge explosion on his enemies or to melt objects in his path.

Wearing an indestructible suit has its benefits to enable Ben 10 to surpass hazardous areas, melting hot fires, heat or any other situation that would cause any other alien or human to be easily damaged and hurt. NRG has super strength but he is not the quickest alien available from Ben 10’s Ultrimatrix.

Ben 10 Figures NRG

Ben 10 NRG figure comes in two different sizes that offers two different features. The regular 10cm size has articulating arms and legs that you’d expect from Ben 10 and is an overall sturdy highly popular collectable figure. There is a larger 15cm version available that does offer some added features. NRG’s helmet can be opened to reveal the fire radioactive energy source inside that is illuminated by pressing in his Ultimatrix symbol on his chest. Also included a small putty type substance that you can mould into a head shape or have any fun with, especially using the red illumination function. However even without, you can see NRG’s grill light up red like he’s about to battle one of his foes. Bigger NRG still has moveable arms and may offer more play time due to the extra interesting features to keep young Ben 10 fans occupied.

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