Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Lodestar

Ben 10 Lodestar

Lodestar has a metal head floating between his raised shoulders which is permanently held in place by his magnetic abilities. His hands and feet appear like forked crab-like shapes and his overall colour is a combination of yellow and black, striped in some places. Lodestar bears the Ultimatrix badge in the centre of his chest.

As mentioned, Ben 10 Lodestar has magnetic abilities, making it easy for him to magnetise any metal object to use against any enemy or even better, if his enemy is made out of metal, he can quite manipulate the metallic materials and to defeat them. Lodestar can also overload any electric circuits and increase his magnetic abilities when he chooses to do so. Lodestar is a very strong Ben 10 alien compared to any human strength. His powers extend to being able to attack with magnetic waves and is thought to be indestructible – in one Ultimate Alien episode, fighting against Ultimate Aggregor, he uses his abilities to hurl himself into Aggregor’s ship which then exploded. He was thought to have sacrificed himself doing this but hi magnetic powers enabled him to rebuild himself.

Ben 10 Lodestar

Ben 10 Figures Lodestar is a decent sized figure and is quite attractive in his black and deep yellow colours. His arms and legs are moveable and his head is attached by a clear tube to give the allusion that it is floating between his shoulders. We would recommend purchasing Lodestar.

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