Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Aggregor

Ben 10 villain Aggregor is a must have figure for every fan. He is an osmosian warload who Ben and the rest of the team had to crucially battle in the Ultimate Alien episodes to stop him absorbing what he considered the ‘ultimate prize’ and become infinitely powerful.

Aggregor was defeated by Kevin, himself an osmosian, who absorbed Ben’s Ultimatrix to become Ultimate Kevin – a powerful combination of aliens – but this came at a high price. He adsorbed the powers that Aggregor had stolen in the Andromeda Galaxy which turned Aggregor back to normal but Kevin was left a monster in appearance, ridden with hatred and revenge.

Aggregor’s appearance shares human similarities, although he has small horns coming out of his head and red ringed eyes with black circles. His pale complexion, long black hair and spear-like weapon that blasts red energy makes him a fearful presence amongst Ben and the plumbers.

Ben 10 Figures Aggregor

During every home Ben 10 figures battle, someone always has to get beaten up. Being one of the nastiest villains that Ben and his team have come up against, Aggregor is the ideal choice. The actual Aggregor figure is quite intricate in detail, he wears a long cape from his shoulders down to his legs and also comes with a spear for fighting, but it is flexible and soft so parents do not have to worry as much with safety concerns. We would highly recommend Aggregor to every Ben 10 figures collection.

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