Ben 10 Rath

Ben 10 Rath

Rath is a very popular figure amongst Ben 10 fans because he adds a comedy value to Ben’s alien collection. Rath fights first and thinks later and his name is a play on the word wrath because of his anger issues. He is a tall figure and resembles a tiger with a claw coming out of each wrist but he doesn’t have a tail. He has the tendency to be very direct with everyone and uses a number of phrases such as ‘lemme tell you something!’ when addressing any one he’s angry with. His fearless nature doesn’t stop him from using senseless metaphorical statements which Kevin Levin cannot help but mock.

Rath is incredibly strong and agile, enabling him to jump to great heights and lift something several times his own body weight. The single claw on each hand is effectively used to stab and slice his enemy and his roar frightens any opponent. He is tough to beat or damage and even though he’s not the smartest alien, he’s a valuable fighter.

Ben 10 Figures Rath

Rath’s arms and legs are fully moveable and it’s clear that his main weapon is his claw backed up by raw brute muscle. Because of his appearance, phrases and mannerisms, Rath is popular with all Ben 10 fans.

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