Ben 10 Omniverse

Ben 10 figures saw the dramatic ending to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien when the Lucubra and Vilgax were defeated. It took all of the best efforts from Sir George, Ben Tennyson, Gwen and Kevin. The season finale also saw a brand new alien transformation in the form of Ultimate Way Big.

Ben 10 Ultimate Way Big

The long awaited appearance of Ultimate Way Big was pulled out of the bag by Ben 10 when the Lucubra crossed over from from a parallel universe and shaped into a giant like size. Ultimate Way Big appeared similar to the regular Way Big that we are used to but sported a light blue skin colour around his neck and chest.

At the end of the final battle which saw Vilgax get defeated, despite his enhanced powers after he deceived the Lucubra, Ben, Gwen and Kevin all reflected on the battle, won with the help of Sir George’s sword. Aided with the Ultrimatrix and Sword, Ben had all the power he could have ever wished for. The power started to flow to his head, he could rule any galaxy he wished; he could create any universe that he desired. With some reassuring words from Kevin and Gwen, although Vilgax tried his best to convince him otherwise, Ben came to his senses and decided that it was best that he gave up the sword.

The episode ended with a surprise visit from Azmuth. He told Ben that it was time to give up the Ultimatrix, much to Ben, Gwen and Kevin’s shock. Could this be the end of Ben’s hero time? All was well when Azmuth offered Ben a brand wrist watch with powers to change into existing and brand new aliens.

Ben 10 Omniverse watch

Ben 10 Omniverse is due to be shown on US screens in Autumn, with the UK following shortly after. Team Ben 10 will be more focused with Grandpa Max and a side kick rookie. Stay in touch for more updates!

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