Ben 10 Omniverse Figures

Ben 10 Figures introduces a brand new line of Ben 10 toys which are now featured in the Ben 10 Omniverse series. Some of the old favourites are still in the show, with most either seeing a little update or getting a new appearance altogether.

Ben 10 Omniverse

We saw in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien that Ben received a brand new Omnitrix from Azmuth which contains brand new and unseen alien DNA samples. The new series of Ben 10 Omniverse has updated the style of the animation, keeping the long-term series current and interesting to all of its young viewers. The Ben 10 Omniverse series will see the timeline flip between the past to give young Ben 10 more stories and then to the current time where Ben 10 is no longer teamed up with Gwen and Kevin but instead a plumber called Rook who Grandpa Max insisted on. Rook is a character who has never been seen before and soon adapts to Ben’s gung ho approach, standing by his side when Ben gets into difficulties.

Omniverse Figures


Bloxx bursts onto our screens in the very first episode of Ben 10 Omniverse. His appearance resembles a gorilla with huge arms and hands but he’s made up entirely of blocks. He can adapt himself to the situation by building or replacing individual or as many bricks, inventing any shape required. His body colours are really eye catching with a bright red, yellow and blue. In the Omniverse series, we see him form into a catapult to launch a bomb across the town into an empty building to save innocent by-standers.

Ben 10 Bloxx


Shocksquatch appears after the initial Omniverse episode and looks like a huge Yeti-alien. He has yellow and black fur and muscular arms with bolts on his body. His powers are to release strong electrical charges from his hands and mouth, electrocuting any enemy. This power is very similar to that of what we saw from Brainstorm.

Shocksquatch figure


Gravattack resembles a mini-planet, with a core at the centre of his body, and a rock like outer-shell. His powers are to control gravity, making items around him light or heavy depending on the need. He can also make objects orbit around him.

Gravattack figure


Feedback is shown to us in the new Omniverse episode and used by young 11 year old Ben. He can absorb energy and fire it straight back at enemies through his fingers, antennas and tail. He can also fire energy without the need to absorb. Feedback shares similarities to Buzzshock that we’ve seen in previous additions of Ben 10. His appearance is considered to be one of the favourites with gold plugs at the end of his limbs and as a figure (the 15cm version), his antennas can move up and down and he can make sounds.

Feedback figure


As we know Rook is Ben’s new side-kick, filling the void left by Gwen and Kevin who have decided to explore the world (having saved it so many times). Rook carries a Proto-tool gun-like weapon which he’s customised and also many other cool tech items. He’s fresh out of the Plumber academy but he’s highly skilled and naively doesn’t yet understand Ben’s sense of humour.

Rook figure

Super Four Arms

Four Arms’ appearance explains his name and he’s now available in a super form. His height and strength outguns his enemies and he’s a big favourite with all Ben 10 fans hence his carry through to the brand new series. Super Four Arms now sports a new outfit and a chic mustache and goatee.

Super Four Arms from Omniverse


16 year old Ben now has a modern and updated look about him, matching the rest of the Ben 10 Omniverse characters. The lighter green colour of his brand new Omnitrix matches the rest of his outfit and a green and black t-shirt replaces his renowned Ben 10 jacket. He is now equipped with a skateboard which Ben figure can be placed onto to pose his new cool style.

Ben With Skateboard from Omniverse

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