Ben 10 Nanomech

Ben 10 Nanomech

Nanomech is a cross between a human and a drone and is incredibly tiny in size. He stands at an inch tall and has a blue skinned complexion with green circuitry design upon him. He is able to fly using the green wings on his back and his vision comes from his single cyclopean eye. Because of his tiny size, his voice is high pitched, like a chipmunk, which Kevin Levin loves to mock due to the fact he can’t take Ben 10 seriously whilst talking like that and issuing out instructions or discussing a strategy.

Nanomech is an incredibly useful alien when in combat with any robot enemy or tech organism – because of his size and drone nature, he can easily enter any robot or nanodrone and destroy the circuitry to defeat or defeat the queen and win the battle. He can also significantly reduce his size from his one inch stature to a microscopic proportion which has many benefits. Ben 10 Nanomech can also shoot from his hands, fire a laser from his cyclops eye and is overall very agile.

Ben 10 Figures Nanomech

Despite being the tiniest Ben 10 alien, Nanomech is in proportion to the rest of the alien figure collection that is available to purchase. His detail is quite attractive and makes interesting play for children who try to impersonate his high pitched tiny voice. Namomech can easily articulate his legs,arms and head and overall makes a good valuable Ben 10 figure.

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