Ben 10 Goop

In basic terms Ben 10 Goop is a blob of goo matter that can form any shape, giving him the added ability to form any shape that he wishes to do so and regenerate, giving him the advantage of being indestructible. Goop appearance is controlled by his gravity projector ‘UFO hat’ that he bears above his head to keep his normal shape. Without this, he’ll look like a pile of green slim which is helpful for getting into tight spaces or moving under doors. However the anti-gravity disc hat can be moved and activated which will call the pile of goop to it’s same location and form his shape. Goop can hold enemies in his slime and also use his disc hat to cut enemies. If left behind for whatever reason, a new one is easily created instantaneously. His slime can be fired and be used as an acid, found incredibly useful to pick locks.

Ben 10 figure Goop has an interesting artificial high pitched voice that adds a comedy value to his character. During an Ultimate Alien episode, when Ben’s true identity was know, when he was being flocked by fans asking for his autograph when he called for Gwyn and Kevin to help. Ben transformed into Goop to drop to the floor and Kevin used his anti-gravity disc from his car to collect up Goop to bring him back to safety from the screaming fans so Goop has many versatile advantages, not just in combat.

Ben 10 Goop Figure

Goop is a very rare Ben 10 figure to find which makes him very valuable to every Ben 10 collector and fan because he is no longer produced. He has a green translucent body and is included with his anti-gravity disc hat. His arms and legs articulate and if you can find one to buy, we wouldn’t recommend hesitating because they won’t last long at all.

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Ben 10 Goop

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