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We created Ben 10 Figures to provide realistic reviews and helpful information to everyone about the new range of Ben 10 toys available. Our own son at the age of two became a massive Ben Ten fan and we were struggling to find out what the the Ultimate Alien‘s names were and what they abilities they had. We therefore wrote our own reviews and information to help every day people like ourselves find out the information they needed to know with an easy all in one store presented on a single page where you can add as many parts of the collection as you like to your basket and purchase securely via a huge online reliable retailer – Amazon. Amazon are reliable and secure company that you can trust with your personal details and also security that your payment details are safe giving everyone, including parents and grandparents, less to worry about as online security is incredibly important to us.

Our Collection

We’ve become addicted as much as our son to Ben 10 Ultimate Alien and he daily loves to play with his Ben 10 Figures and make up his own imaginary battles or pull them own when he sees them in his favourite Ben 10 Ultimate Alien episodes.

Our collection of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien figures


About Ben 10 Figures

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien succeeded Ben 10 Alien Force in April 2010 and has become one of the most wanted action figures for every Ben 10 fan.

One of the new ben 10 figures is ‘Aggregor‘ which is a villian against Ben 10 who, like Kevin 11 is a osmosian.  He kidnaps five aliens which are also new figures – ‘Armadrillo‘, ‘Amphibian‘,’ Water Hazard’, ‘NRG‘ and ‘Terraspin’ intent on draining their powers to obtain which eventually turns him into Ultimate Aggregor.

New Ben 10 Action Figures

Two other villians of Ben 10 made into figures with the Ultimate Alien series are ‘Vilgax‘ and ‘Vulkanus’.  Both have appeared previously in Ben 10 but have been relaunched as new figures available to buy.

The Ultimate Alien figure range also includes previous and popular Alien Force figures including Swampfire, Humungousaur, Spidermonkey, Big Chill, Echo Echo, Wildmutt, Cannonbolt.  These have similarities to the older Alien Force figures but have been given a new look.

Ben 10 action figures

Ultimate Swampfire is the most unrecognisable with a new grey and blue colour.

Ultimate Humungousaur is now green with added spikes on his body.

Ultimate Spidermonkey has been upgraded to a gorilla/ape with big spider like legs coming out of his body.

Ultimate Big Chill has been changed from the blue to the red.

Ultimate Echo Echo is more robot like with a blue colour and robot like discs on his body.

Ultimate Wildmutt is the newest Alien Force Alien to be upgraded and most recent figure release.  The orange body is a red colour and has spikes going down his back.

Ultimate Cannonbolt is a blue colour with darker blue patches where the yellow was previously and cylindrical studs have been added to his body.

There is also two new figures which have not been featured within the Ben 10 series previously having been introduced in the new Ultimate Alien series and figure range which are Nanomech and Lodestar.